Kandy Technical Fireside Chat - Soup to Nuts on Devices


Join us for a fireside chat with one of our Kandy service experts, Dave Fowler, who covers several topics and best practices around provisioning, management and troubleshooting of phones and devices on the Kandy platform.

This webinar covers the following:

  • Docs to help you provision devices
  • Zero Touch Provisioning – Process & Troubleshooting
  • Customer Admin fields for device management
  • Generic Device Provisioning
  • Device Management at Partner level vs. SMB/Org level
  • Device Parameters – Groups, Assigning, Editing & Queries
  • Device Keys – Buttons, Softkeys, Expansion Modules, Templates
  • Assigning Devices to Subscribers
  • Syncing Devices
  • Device Status Notifications
  • Debug Tools for Registration & Deregistration and
  • Tools to remotely reset devices to factory default