Kandy Link — WebRTC Services for Contact Centers

The WebRTC standard, adopted by all of the top web browser providers, makes it easy to deliver rich, multi-media, experiences using only a web browser.

Users don’t need any extra software or plugins for two-way voice, video, or collaboration sessions. Essentially, it means that any user can use almost any device to start a two-way conversation – just by browsing to a website. It sounds simple enough but until WebRTC came along most browsers only supported text – anything more required site-specific software.

For contact center managers the adoption of this multi-media standard opens up three new powerful and cost-effective ways to engage with customers and to deploy agents.

  1. Create client-less contact agent applications to lower the cost of contact center deployments.
  2. Offer click-to-connect services for customers from any web page (chat, voice, video, screen share, file share, or co-browse) – no need to dial a separate number.
  3. Use WebRTC APIs to embed communications into a desktop or mobile apps.

Learn more in this solution brief.

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