Kandy Technical Fireside Chat - Best Practices in Deploying SIP Phones With KBS


In this webinar, we cover best practices, tips & tools for deploying SIP phones with Kandy cloud Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Sara Hughes, SVP Customer Experience, Jason Whitaker, Kandy Interop Expert and Dave Fowler, Kandy Support & Operations Expert cover the following topics in relation to provisioning, configuring and deploying SIP Phones with Kandy UC:

- Certified devices vs Supported devices - What's the difference?

- How zero touch provisioning works

- Uploading devices into Kandy admin

- Assigning devices to users during initial provisioning and after

- Using device key provisioning in Kandy admin

- Using Device Parameters & Groups in Kandy admin

- Phone Templates

- Capturing Traces & Troubleshooting SIP Phone issues

- Allowing End Users to manage their phones in the EUP

- Docs & Tools to help me and my customers deploy & use devices on Kandy UC

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